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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a patient?

Go to our Contact page and book an appointment using our online scheduler. We do all of our booking online. Once you complete the new patient registration paperwork and have your first appointment, you will be a patient (and partner!) in the practice. Please note: We may limit the number of patients with certain insurance.


What will my appointment be like?


1st appointment — You will have a one-on-one new patient visit that will be about 1 hour long. We will discuss your health history in depth as well as any current problems. Usually lab work is ordered as well.

Later appointments — You may return at any time for an individual follow-up appointment.

Future — The success of L.I.F.E. Medicine, and your improved health and healing, includes the opportunity to receive medical care with the support of your peers. The L.I.F.E. Medicine Experience gives you more time with your provider, extra support and education, the opportunity to set goals to improve your life, and the key ingredient of accountability. This recipe for success is critical to chronic disease management, the possibility of disease and symptom reversal, mood optimization, disease prevention, and the community of health and healing that you will belong to. See the FAQ (“What is the L.I.F.E. Medicine Experience?”) below for more information.


Do you accept insurance?

L.I.F.E. Medicine accepts insurance for most services. See which insurance plans we generally accept. We have found that there are exceptions so call your insurance to verify we are in-network. 

These products and services typically require additional payment, not covered by insurance:

  • Functional Medicine labs

  • Supplements/Vitamins and Books (available for purchase through the clinic)

  • Prevention Services beyond an annual "Physical"

  • Email and Phone consultations for medical care (when appropriate)

May I bring a support person?

Support persons are welcome at your medical appointments, and encouraged. Especially, when the support person shops or cooks for you, or could use additional education or peer support about a specific disease, or caring for a person with a chronic condition or disease.


Do you accept children as patients?

We accept children as patients, and will focus on issues related to behavior, attention, sensory processing (differences/disorder), mood, chronic conditions/disease and overweight.

Our ability to function as a primary care doctor for certain childhood needs is LIMITED, especially in the case of emergencies, acute sickness or injury, and requested vaccinations. Please call 911 in emergencies, and discuss your needs in advance of any appointment so we can refer you if needed.


Are you a primary care provider?

Dr. Jaster is a family medicine (primary care) physician. Our family nurse practitioners are primary care providers for patients across the lifespan. L.I.F.E. Medicine specializes in primary care issues related to chronic conditions/disease and their prevention, sensory processing, mood optimization, and weight management. Our ability to function as a primary care provider for certain adult needs is LIMITED, especially in the case of emergencies, acute sickness or injury, and requested vaccinations. Please call 911 in emergencies, and discuss your needs in advance of any appointment so we can refer you if needed.


What is an Integrative Holistic Physician/Provider?

Brent Jaster, MD, is a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. You will be treated holistically, as a whole person, when you partner with Brent and L.I.F.E. Medicine. Our nurse practitioners are also highly educated in integrative medicine modalities and are interested in treating the whole person rather than a symptom or one element of an underlying, systemic pattern. Additionally, integrative therapies and options will be offered that resonate with your personal goals and beliefs around health and healing. Read more.


Are medications second-line therapy in most cases?

At L.I.F.E. Medicine, we will almost always invite you initially to change how you eat and live, in order to avoid being on a (costly) medication for the rest of your life. Coming soon, we will provide the support, education, and accountability to make and sustain these changes through the L.I.F.E. Medicine Experience. Many medications and medical procedures DO NOT improve your quality of life or delay your death. BUT if you change how you live then you do gain a better LIFE, in quality and length!


Where are you located?

Our Denver office is located at 1805 S Bellaire St, Ste 101. There is FREE parking in the lot adjacent to our building and behind our building. When you walk in the doors, take a left at the bathroom/water fountain. We are on the first floor and the first suite on the right. There are two signs for our office, one for Alternative Chiropractic Center, and one for L.I.F.E. Medicine.


Why is there minimal staff?

The Ideal Medical Practice concept leverages customer service by allowing as much interaction with the doctor and/or nurse practitioner as possible. Support staff may be necessary, and helpful, but Brent and our nurse practitioners will try to interface directly with patients of L.I.F.E. Medicine as much as possible.


Is phone and email-based medical care possible?

Insurance rarely reimburses doctors for medical care provided over the phone. We are a small clinic with limited staff and cannot discuss medical concerns outside of appointments generally. We usually schedule 40+ minute appointments to address concerns adequately, unless it is a more urgent matter. Phone visits are not covered by insurance (with rare exception) and will be charged based on time (as outlined in our Office Policies). Please call the office if you have concerns and we will determine the best option for you. 


Are there special fees or membership fees?

L.I.F.E. Medicine will (in the future) charge a small annual fee to all patients so that we may provider a higher level of service, and offer certain clinic services, and education, without a fee, or at a minimal fee. Examples include cooking classes, yoga, and educational events. These services are not considered a part of usual medical care, and are not covered by insurance.


What makes up the LIFE Medicine Experience?
  • An innovative medical appointment that will improve your health

  • Opportunity to interact with approximately 6-12 peers with similar health care challenges

  • More time with your provider

  • Support, education, goal-setting, and accountability

  • Community! You are not alone.

  • Sustainable, healthy changes in your life

  • Improved quality of life

  • FUN!


What are Functional Medicine Labs?

Standard laboratory tests may only scratch the surface of possibility for health improvement. For example, a standard cholesterol test will tell you 4 levels (Total, Good, Bad, and Triglycerides). At L.I.F.E. Medicine, specialized lab testing is available, such that we can provide 11+ levels related to your heart health and cholesterol.

We can also take an in depth look at your nutrition status with NutrEval testing, or analyze your genome for common SNPs. There is a wide variety of testing we can perform. Read more about Functional Medicine.


Do you have a healing and health practitioners network?

L.I.F.E. Medicine will offer certain services in-house, and otherwise share extensive recommendations for other health care providers that may help you, or that resonate best with your approach to health. We cannot guarantee the validity or success of others’ methods.


What does YOGA have to do with my health?

Yoga is a philosophy (not a religion) with many potential health and healing benefits. You will likely receive encouragement to employ parts of yoga for your benefit, such as meditation and breathing techniques for stress management, yoga postures for increased flexibility and strength, and more. Dr. Jaster has been practicing yoga for 17+ years, and has completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. Read more


Do you do Worker’s Comp?

No, we do not manage Worker’s Comp cases.

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