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Diet & Nutrition Services

Plant-Based Nutrition

Brent and our providers are passionate about nutrition as a means to create a more vibrant and healthful life. They promote plant-based nutrition and educate patients about the benefits of consuming a more plant-based diet, which is a diet that includes more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. It is well established in the scientific literature that a low fat, plant-based diet is the optimal diet for weight loss and prevents and often reverses chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease (from hypertension to atherosclerosis to ischemic heart disease), Type II Diabetes, cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s dementia, arthritis, certain autoimmune conditions, and certain forms of cancer and pre-cancer.


Brent co-authored the Nutrition Guide for Clinicians in 2009 with Dr. Neal Barnard, the founder of Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine and pioneer in the field of Type II Diabetes reversal and management with a low fat, plant-based diet. The book is a comprehensive manual that covers nearly a hundred diseases and conditions, providing basic information like risk-factors and typical treatments, but that also includes evidence-based information on the role nutrition in prevention and treatment. After experiencing her own health transformation utilizing the power of plants,

Casey wrote her master’s thesis about Type II Diabetes prevention and reversal with a low fat, whole food plant-based diet. Since then, she has been constantly researching the latest research on how food is one of the most powerful medicines of all and loves discussing this topic with patients who are open to learning more about the healing power of plants.


It is no surprise that food is rarely, if ever, discussed in a typical western medicine appointment in a world where medical students receive, on average, less than 1 hour of nutrition training in their entire education. Brent and our providers are different because they have applied their personal interest and passion for nutrition to their medical practice by seeking out evidence-based information and applying it to their own lives to better guide patients in their nutrition decisions. In a world that is also dominated politically by Big Food and Big Ag, it is important that the future of medicine has trailblazers who will speak the truth about how nutrition impacts health in order for our country, and the world, to reverse the dire pattern of increasing frequency and prevalence of chronic disease. Brent and our providers are intent on creating a new paradigm for health care where diet is finally prioritized as one of the most important health behaviors.

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