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Telemedicine visits are being scheduled with rare exception, currently. Please CHECK ALL PROVIDERS  to schedule and be seen promptly. 


*The location does not matter for Telemedicine visits. If you do not see a workable option, please call or use portal to request what you need and when.


If you are trying to reach the clinic please call 800.651.7126, or use the patient portal, or an office staff member may text you. 


DO NOT TEXT YOUR PROVIDER. DO NOT CALL THEM DIRECTLY. In order to focus on highest priorities and conserve our energy with increased demands currently, we ask that all patients use the proper communication channels. Any other means of communication will likely be missed.



We do all patient booking online using the scheduler below. We do not do annual/insurance physicals or check ups for new patients. In the spirit of revolutionizing the definition of primary care, all new patients must book a 60 minute initial intake appointment for their first visit. We adhere to a biopsychosocial model of care, where neither health nor illness exist in a vacuum. We believe that biological, psychological and social factors all play a role in the health of the individual and we like to gather as much information about these factors as possible when we welcome a new patient into our clinic. Annual/insurance physicals are simply too limited in terms of time and scope of the appointment for our comfort in seeing a new patient. If you feel that your situation is unique, please call us and we will discuss whether an exception can be made.


If you are an existing patient, you can also book through the patient portal.

Insurance note: If Brent Jaster and/or JasterHealth Preventive & Wellness are listed as in-network for your plan then Casey Linke will be in-network for you as well, so you can book with either Brent or Casey.


*Important! Please read*

Selected appointments may not be guaranteed. Be sure to click the Confirm Request button at the end of the scheduling process. Your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not get a confirmation email, you do not have an appointment. We may need to contact you for more information before confirming.




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