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Meet Our Staff

Terrie is the social media manager and content creator for Heartmind Medicine.

She has worked in the field for over 5 years and enjoys the creativity and analytics of social media management.

Terrie joined the Heartmind Medicine team in 2022 and loves creating the online presence of Heartmind Medicine and finding out more on ketamine assisted therapies, neurofeedback, sound therapy and all modalities offered at the clinic in order to create engaging content.

Terrie started her own social media marketing/virtual assistant business in January of 2022 and is always happy to connect with potential clients who need help with managing their online presences and various administrative tasks so that they can focus on the big picture for their businesses.

You can connect with her at her LinkedIn to find out more about the services she offers.


Retired Staff:


Rosemarie Schild


My passion has always been helping people attain optimum health in body, mind and/or spirit. I was a Physician Assistant for almost 20 years, and I focused on each patient’s uniqueness to encourage this journey. In my new role as a health coach/educator and neurofeedback specialist, I have that approach as well. I educate, guide and support patients in their quest for excellent health and healing and optimal performance. Whether physical, mental or emotional, we create a partnership that identifies obstacles, and sets goals to achieve breakthroughs and reach true balance in your life.

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