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The Road Taken

The last two years have given most people the chance to reevaluate priorities, and consider: what is working and what is not; what gives meaning and what leaves us wanting; what feeds and nourishes the heart and what leaves us disconnected, disenchanted, or hopeless.

For LIFE Medicine, nearing the 7th year, there is a clear current towards something new. Not fully defined, but obvious in its intention, and acknowledgment of the barriers to Health and Care, and the current needs of so many people. Thus, in 2022, by April, we will transition to an Integrative Holistic Mental Health & Wellness focus. In addition, I am feeling a strong pull to cut the tethers of health insurance contracts that cloud and confuse and burden the relationship between health care professionals and those seeking help.

Most of my discontent and that of patients has centered on insurance—who pays, how much, for what. It is intricately crafted system that has promised better quality care for less money, and higher satisfaction for everyone. It is one of the biggest lies of my professional life, and I can no longer participate in good faith or with hope that I can make it work for all invested parties.

While the poet Robert Frost made famous The Road Not Taken (emphasis mine), I prefer to focus on the road before me, The Road Not Taken, without regret, with a knowing heart. But I do hope it is not “the one less traveled”, rather filled with fellow travelers who see or feel that the trajectory of the other road is inauthentic, unfulfilling, and unsustainable. I trust the road taken, despite the unknown, the fear, the uncertainty, will make “all the difference” to me and the people I serve—my children, my partner, my family, and patients/clients.

In health and healing, and wellness for all…

Photo by Oliver Roos on Unsplash


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