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Brent Jaster, MD, FAAFP


My most valuable education comes from my two children. I love being an integrally involved father. My kids teach me bottomless love, balance, patience, and compassion, remind me what matters most, and encourage me to continually grow and evolve into the best man, father, and citizen possible. Raised in Colorado, matured in Northern California, and schooled at the University of California Davis (and Melbourne University, Australia), Dartmouth Medical School, and the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency, I enjoy sunshine, travel, and experiencing new people and cultures. I love to laugh and cherish the moments that BIG laughter accompanies life and requires wiping tears from my eyes. I move my body often on a yoga mat, mountain bike, ski hill, or dance floor. Every piece of ground is an opportunity to dance! 

I love to listen to music, and will wear a costume any chance I get. An open-minded, passionate, and creative physician, I believe in a multifaceted approach to your well-being and health — physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. I will work with you to prevent and reverse disease, improve undesirable symptoms, and decrease your medication use. Together we will develop better awareness about your health choices, while incorporating a more positive attitude and approach to life.


My Medical training and career highlights include:

  • Volunteering on Patch Adams’s land in West Virginia during medical school

  • Coordinating a clinical trial, published in Diabetes Care, that compared a vegan diet and an American Diabetes Association diet. Guess which was superior?

  • Co-authoring 2 editions of the Nutrition Guide for Clinicians. Access the free on-line version at

  • Board Certifications: Integrative Holistic Medicine and Family Medicine

  • Nationally-recognized expertise as a speaker and consultant for Shared Medical Appointment implementation.


I look for opportunities to connect to life every day–rescuing a wandering dog, talking to cashiers, relating to children, building community, and reaching out when someone is struggling. Increased isolation in our society is a root cause of our declining collective health, in my opinion. In addition to our increasing disconnection from nature.


My passion to change the landscape of health and medicine is palpable, and I welcome kindred spirits on this creative journey.

Casey Linke, FNP-C


Casey is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who believes in partnering with patients in a joint problem-solving effort to reduce unwanted symptoms and improve quality of life through a journey toward each individual’s definition of health and wellness. She uses an approach which she calls the Four Corners of Health, where nutrition, movement, stress management, and connection (to self, nature and community) are utilized to achieve one’s highest state of wellness. She believes that people are meant to thrive in vibrant wellness, and not suffer from unwanted symptoms or medication side effects, and that the great majority of people can reach that goal with a partner to help guide the way (and she would love to be your partner!) Ultimately, she believes in the radical notion that the human body is capable of self-repair and rejuvenation, and has seen the

 beneficial effects of the Four Corners of Health in her own health transformation and many others in her life journey.

Casey was born, raised and educated in the south, and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a BA in Public Policy, a BS in Nursing, and her Masters of Science in Nursing. Her Masters Thesis was on the reversal and management of Type 2 Diabetes with a low-fat, whole foods plant based diet, and she has also achieved a plant-based nutrition certification through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She is always staying abreast of the current research on how most chronic diseases can be treated or reversed with lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing multiple medications that can have untoward side effects that only treat symptoms, she wants to find and pursue treatment of the root cause of illness. (She will, however, use medication to a reasonable degree to achieve health goals so long as the individual wishes.) After spending seven years working in the Research Triangle in nursing, both at Duke Hospital and UNC Health Care, and spending three years in family medicine rotations throughout the state of North Carolina, Casey has seen the devastating effects of chronic disease and is ready to begin partnering with people to stay out of the hospital and enjoy a long and healthy life.


Casey and her husband, Jay, have two young daughters and two dogs, Bodie and Frankie. She greatly enjoys hiking, cooking healthy and delicious meals for her family and friends, and is also an artist—she paints portraits in oil and abstracts in acrylic. More than anything, she believes in the abundant joy that life can bring when we see the world through the lens of gratitude and that laughter really is the best medicine. She is very grateful and honored to forge partnerships with people who are ready to thrive in health alongside Dr. Jaster at L.I.F.E. Medicine.

Ananda B. Goldstein


I am Ananda B Goldstein, and I completed a Master of Education. A long-time Boulderite, I enjoy working with people as a transformational health coach, health educator, and therapeutic hypnotherapist to help people envision and achieve their best life and draw on their deepest strengths. At LIFE Medicine, I support lifestyle/behavior change that can sometimes be hard to achieve without specific support, coaching and accountability. I bring additional skills to give you social, emotional, spiritual and neurological support. I have expertise in group work, guided meditation, targeted yoga, and trauma informed hypnotherapy. Schedule today with Brent Jaster, MD, or Casey Linke, FNP-C, and they can refer you to me for health coaching and education.



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